HEYDAY UK film courses attend to the needs of students who struggle to participate in class, display inconsistent attention and an inability to plan ahead in order to achieve a stated goal. We have worked with students who truant (externally and internally), arrive late to school, display destructive behaviour and who are often the subject of bullying.​


The HEYDAY UK film course aims to give young people who struggle with motivation and persistence an experience of project-based learning within a team. Film naturally lends itself to the strengthening of skills such as confidence, public speaking and perseverance, and students know that creating their own films increases status and adds value to their achievement.


Students will be involved in all aspects of filmmaking; from directing to acting, writing to editing. At the end of each course, friends and families will be invited to a screening of  our students' films.

At HEYDAY UK, we believe in the artistic potential of young people, especially those who are finding it hard to achieve at school.

​Utilising Jack's experience in youth work, education and designing film programmes, Heyday UK was set up to deliver film courses to disengaged students at both Primary and Secondary level. Jack previously designed and delivered courses for the charity GLUE, and has worked with schools and Pupil Referral Units in Wandsworth, Hounslow, Lambeth, Southwark and Croydon.


Sinc Heyday UK started in 2013, they have worked with over 1500 students in over 28 schools, produced over 400 short films, which have been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube. In addition to this, they have helped more than 170 secondary school students gain a Silver Arts Award.