Heyday Fest 2018

10th December 2018, BFI Southbank

This term, we welcomed ten London primary schools to the BFI Southbank, in order to watch a selection of short films made by over 100 very creative students. Over the course of the Autumn term, Heyday UK worked for a whole day to help create films with each participating school. Pupils were shown relevant short films, introduced to the film equipment, and taught how to generate ideas. By 3.30pm, a film had been created! You can see the ten finished films below. 


It was a fantastic day, and we very much look forward to replicating the event next December. Please contact us if you would like to participate in Heyday Fest 2019. 

Heyday Fest Intro Film


Chesterton Primary- All's Fair In 4Sq

Green Dragon Primary- Sleepers Creepers

North Ealing Primary- Girl With A Movie Camera

Lady Margaret Primary- Imagininjas

Southmead Primary- Mummy's Boy

Worsley Bridge Primary- William The Conkerer

John Perry Primary- Do Not Open

Cavendish Primary- Footsteps

Hillbrook Primary- The H Team

Ronald Ross Primary- Ronald Rock, Paper, Scissors