​Here are some of the films that we have made over the past term. Each short film was written and directed by Heyday UK students. We can't fit them all on here, so head on over to our YouTube page to see the rest!

Written & Directed by: 2 Year 6 Students
Tags: phones, mobiles, communication

2 Year 6 students try alternative forms of communication, with varying results

The Lost Art Of Communication

Written & Directed by: Year 5 students
Tags: ignored, proud to belong, inclusivity

When mysterious post it notes begin to appear around their school, a group of students investigate what they could possibly mean

Proud To Belong
The B Movie

A school finds out what happens when you start a sentence with a particular word, all the time...


Written & Directed by: 2 Year 6 students
Tags: basically, vocabulary, hypnotism

Bully vs Buddy

This school has a particular way of dealing with a bully...


Written & Directed by: Year 6 students
Tags: bullies, buddies, anti-bullying


Written & Directed by: A Year 5 Student

Tags: shaking hands, annoying behaviour

A boy becomes obsessed with an old internet sensation, much to the annoyance of his fellow pupils

Mr Shaky Hand Man
Queue Jumpers

2 Year 5 boys become fed up with being pushed in front of. They take matters into their own hands. The POTUS is suitably impressed


Written & Directed by: 2 Year 5 Students

Tags: queue, queue jumpers, barack obama

My Pet Hates

A secondary school student decides to take matters into her own hands after people consistently anger her


Written & Directed by: A Year 9 Student

Tags: pet hates, dislikes

Mental Maths

A boy is terrified about an impending maths test. His mind begins to play tricks on him


Written & Directed by: Year 5 Students

Tags: maths, test, quiz show

Silence Is Golden

After watching silent Buster Keaton films, a class of students become trapped in the silent world...


Written & Directed by: Year 5 Students

Tags: silent film, trapped, buster kearon


Written & Directed by: Year 6 Students

Tags: haunted, school, the girl

The Girl

A mysterious presence haunts a primary school during break times...